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How Chlorella Can Help Detoxify Your Body

Did you know that there are about 84000 chemicals available in the market out of which only 1% is safe? Shocked? Well, don’t get alarmed there’s more to it.

But what’s alarming is that you come across a majority of them, daily. And if you are a woman who loves makeup, well, you should know that the kit contains an average of 168 chemicals.

Now, you see how big of a problem it is. The chemicals are entering your body through the food you eat and even your skin, and you aren’t even aware of it. Just think for a second of the possibility that the headache you had yesterday or the frequent mood swing of your family members are a symptom of high chemical toxins in the body.

Luckily, you are not entirely helpless; there is something that can help you. It called chlorella and here is all you need to know about it.

What Exactly Is This Chlorella?

During the era of the 1940s, there was a sudden boom in world population. Researchers found that food scarcity was fast becoming an issue and started to look for a way to deal with it. This research took them towards a species of freshwater algae which had more protein yield than any other plant. This single cell freshwater plant was Chlorella. This plant, in its dried form, contains about 50% proteins.

Today, this plant is used for making supplements and medicines. It has a fair amount of compounds like amino acids, peptides, proteins, vitamins, sugar and nucleic acids which makes it suitable for preventing, curing as well as detoxifying the human body.

What Are The Nutritious Values Of Chlorella?

Like all the other plants, the nutritional values of Chlorella also depend on its upbringing and processing. Based on the planting, harvesting, and processing it can have protein, carbohydrate and fat content of 7-88%, 6-38%, and 7-75% respectively. So the overall values may vary. For a standard type of Chlorella, 1-ounce serving would contain 16g protein, along with 287%RDA Vitamin A, 71% Vitamin B2, 33% Vitamin B3, 202% Iron, 22% magnesium, 133% Zinc and more.

How Can It Detoxify Your Body?

The unique chemicals and compounds of this alga help it to bind itself with the problem causing toxins and metal which then gets neutralized and removed. It works on both direct and indirect cycle.

Let’s have a closer look at what it can do.

It Binds With Heavy Metal

A considerable amount of toxins that enter your body are metals. The chemical composition of chlorella helps it to form a strong bond with these metals which then get removed from the body. Even the heavy metals like lead cannot escape the hold of this powerful plant.

Some studies also proved that the algae were capable of counteracting metal poisoning and preventing tissue damages due to metals like cadmium. Because cadmium and lead are among the most severe metal toxins, chlorella can save lives.

Chlorella contains about 12% chlorophyll, more than any other known plant species by a gram to gram ratio. Chlorophyll is a pigment that provides a decent amount of oxygen which improves the blood oxygenation and further helps to remove the metal healthily and safely.

On a pleasurable note, this plant can also help you to increase alcohol drinking capabilities, or at least mitigate the effect of overdoing it. Ingestion of chlorella decreases the amount of ethanol and acetaldehyde that enters into the bloodstream.

The lack of these enzymes ensure better alcohol metabolism and can eliminate hangovers (to some extent).

Strengthen Immune System

Healing and detoxifying the body is essential but keeping it that way is also crucial. The best way to ensure that the healing lasts is to build a robust body defense system.

Now, the almighty chlorella can be a force in this area as well. Studies show that the intake of the essence from this plant stimulates the production of cells in the immune system and sometimes even helps to increase our body’s natural ability to kill harmful cells.

The plant is an ideal choice for mothers who are going to or are already breastfeeding their infant child. Chlorella eliminates the risk of dioxins transfer from the mother’s body to the infant.

Disease Curing And Prevention Properties

What are the first names which come to your mind when someone says “dangerous diseases?” Is it diabetes, stroke, cholesterol or something even worse like cancer?

Fortunately, it doesn’t matter because chlorella can help you to deal with all of these diseases. The alga regulates the hormonal balance and strengthens the metabolism of the body which is enough to handle environmental issues of modern society. A durable and fully functional immune system also helps to eliminate cancer producing cells before they rise to a dangerous level.

Chlorophyll along with vitamin C, beta-carotene, lycopene, and lutein further eliminate the factors like cholesterol and free radical that cause strokes and heart attack. The anti-oxidants in chlorella also help to reduce the process of glycation which helps to prevent both diabetes and premature aging.

Studies prove this alga is so powerful that it can improve the health of smokers who are the prime victims of oxidation damages.

Surprisingly, injection of this plant can also help chemotherapy patients to maintain energy and hormonal balance during treatment.

Boost The Metabolism

When you talk of detoxifying and building a healthy body, boosting your metabolism is always something to consider. Everything in the human body is interconnected. For instance, when the heavy metal removal takes place, the body needs a way to dispose of the toxins. When you want to strengthen the immune system and overall body, you will need proper nourishment which requires metabolism to work correctly.

Chlorella also provides a very safe way to cleanse organs like the liver without infecting others. It removed the toxins that are neutralized by the liver and transports them to the GI tract. Chlorella also helps to bind the toxins in the colon so that the waste doesn’t get back into the bloodstream.

Final Words

These benefits are just scratching the surface of this alga. It has a lot of other in-depth uses like promoting eye health, relieves PMS, enhances aerobic endurance, manages respiratory diseases, manages blood sugar levels, and many more.

As for its availability, it is pretty easy to find. You can buy it in liquid, pills, and powder form. However do consider a professional before getting some, especially from an unknown source.

It has excellent absorption and binding qualities which make it vulnerable to wrong cultivation environment. It can absorb the contamination particles from the environment and then deliver the same to your body. So be a little careful and visit only a recognized professional for buying this natural medicinal powerhouse.