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7 Home Exercises That Help You Burn Belly Fat

Isn't it amazing - and frustrating at the same time! How easy it is to gain weight? Once our guard is down, our bodies appear to accumulate excess weight like magnets. It just takes a couple of rich desserts, a few weeks-long vacations, or the Christmas season...voila! Our indulgences have led to an expansion of our waistlines.

On the other hand, losing weight can be a grueling process. Keeping fit and maintaining a healthy weight can be a lifelong struggle of diets, weight loss schemes, and exercise routines.

Everybody who has struggled to lose weight will unanimously agree on one thing: belly fat is the most frustrating. There is nothing more unattractive. It's very frustrating to carry around a spare tire around your waist.

The flab around our bellies is what makes us look fat, and it's usually the last thing to go away when we're trying to lose weight.

What causes belly fat to develop in some people? 

It is common to gain weight around your middle, regardless of whether you are overweight and have a large waistline.

*Lifestyle: Lifestyle is, of course, the first culprit. Lack of exercise, smoking, too much alcohol, and poor diet all contribute to belly fat. Our increasingly sedentary lifestyles are causing obesity and weight issues, according to studies.

*Age: Losing muscle tone and belly fat are part of the aging process. Weight gain around the middle seems to be more common among older folks. Hormonal changes during menopause can also lead to women gaining belly fat.

*Trans-fats: Fast foods and baked goods are high in trans-fats, which cause belly fat.

* Alcohol: Excessive drinking and belly fat are linked by the term "beer gut."

* Stress: Our bodies release the hormone cortisol when they are stressed, which helps them cope with stress. A problem with cortisol is that it slows down metabolism and fat-burning. Furthermore, many of us instinctively turn to food for comfort when we are stressed. Together, these two factors make body fat an ideal recipe.

*Genetics: Studies have found that belly fat may be genetically inherited, making you more likely to gain weight there. This is why some people will still have a little potbelly even if they are fit and slim. It is very possible that genetics is the cause of this.

* Poor sleep: A study published in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine found a relationship between reduced sleep hours and general weight gain. A lack of sleep slows down metabolism and can lead to unhealthy eating habits, both of which can result in belly fat.

Consider these causes (even genetic causes can be reversed) and identify which one or ones could be responsible for your belly fat. You can then work on these causes along with exercises to achieve better results.

What can this article do for you?

Getting rid of belly fat involves good old-fashioned exercise. No magic pill, no wonder diet, no miraculous "power drink" will erase stubborn fat.

Exercise is necessary whether we like it or not.

The seven exercises below will give your abdomen a good workout and melt off the flab like nothing else.

You can practice these exercises at home without going to the gym, nor do you need any expensive equipment. You only need some dedication and some time to practice them.

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