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6 Signs of a Heart Attack You Can't Ignore

Sometimes there are no obvious signs of a pre-heart attack. This disease is usually asymptomatic until the later stages. Early signs of a Heart Attack include feeling uncomfortable in the chest and shoulders, fatigued, lacking energy, having difficulty breathing, etc.

The symptoms of a heart attack might vary from person to person, but one will experience sharp pain for about 15 minutes on the left side of the chest when it happens.

There are differences in symptoms between men and women. Women usually don't experience chest pain; rather, they suffer from fatigue, disturbed sleep patterns, shortness of breath, indigestion, and anxiety disorders.

It is important to call emergency services right away if you feel you are experiencing a heart attack. Do not wait. If a person waits to receive treatment, they may not be able to receive the treatment they need, and they may not be able to fully recover. Whenever you need emergency services, call 911 and speak with an operator.

The Six Signs of Heart Attack

The six signs of heart attacks you can look out for can help you determine whether someone is suffering from one.

Heart Attack sign 1: Chest Pain or Discomfort