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25 Healthy Foods That Have Almost Zero Calories

Is it possible to experience different flavors and types of food, without gaining weight? Yes, it is.

There are a lot of delicious food items that will help you reduce your weight. These food items contain extremely low-calorie content, much of which gets utilized during the digestion process.

Curious to know about them?

Well, then let’s dive in and check out 25 of these extraordinary food items.



The leafy vegetable is known for its anti-cancer and heart diseases properties with its rich antioxidants. But it's also a source of vitamins, electrolytes, proteins, dietary fibers, and minerals.

Plus, a 100g serving of cabbage contains only 25cal, which get digested without extra effort.


The deep red and purple colored beets are one of the most calorie-free yet nutritious root vegetables.

This potassium, iron, fiber, and folate-rich vegetable contain just 37cal per half-cup serving. Beets also contain cancer-fighting and blood regulating qualities.


Cucumbers are very high in water content, which makes it a healthy and low-calorie vegetable. A single serving of 52g of cucumber contains just 8cal, which makes it an ideal choice for weight loss diets.

Cucumber also has some uniquely refreshing and hydrating properties which come in handy for making salads and flavoring water.


Carrots are rich in beta-carotene which converts to Vitamin A and can improve weak eyesight. However, it's not the only reason to eat carrots.

Carrot is also an ideal food for fuelling the body without adding excess calories to it. A 100g serving of carrots contains about, 0.8g proteins, 8.2g carbohydrates, 58mg sodium, 235mg potassium and other nutrients with just 35cal.


Apples are one of the most appreciated fruits in the world. The US alone grows 2500 varieties of this authentic fruit.

86% of this fruit if water, the rest consist of proteins, carbs, natural sugar, and a lot of other essential nutrients with just a few calories.

A single cup with 125g of apple slices contains just 57cal, and considering the body’s effort in digesting the fruit, net calorie gain becomes almost Zero.


Just like the other member of the cruciferous family, Arugula also has extremely healthy and low-calorie qualities.

A 10g serving of Arugula contains only 3cal and is well balanced with proteins, healthy fats, Vitamin A, K and some other constituents like folates.


Broccoli is known as one of the most nutritious vegetables on the planet, and there are many reasons for it. It has chemicals that can reduce the risk of cancer, chronic diseases, premature aging, digestion problems, low bone strength and a lot more, without adding extra calories to the body.

The studies of USDA show that 91g of broccoli contains 6g carbohydrates, 3g proteins, only 31cal and no fats.

Brussels Sprouts

This cute cabbage-like vegetable is another gem from the cruciferous family. Needless to say, it is also calorie-friendly and healthy, like the others of the family.

It contains a fair amount of vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, and proteins. It also has antioxidants which help with diabetes, cancer, and other diseases. This regular intake of this vegetable also helps to improve bone strength.


Celery is the secret weapon for many people who want to fill the stomach without adding calories.

The calorie content of celery is just 18cal per 110g serving which is pretty low for a food that contains this high amount of water, calcium, and vitamins.


If you need something to boost weight loss, lettuce is the best food for you. In its raw form, it takes more calories from the body than it offers. It has just 15cal per 100g serving with additional nutrients like Vitamin K, Vitamin A, folate and more.

On the plus side, there are multiple types and colors of this vegetable that you can eat.


As weird as it may sound, the meaty tasting mushrooms are also a healthy food. The fungus contains only 15cal per 70g serving which is outstanding, considering its rich taste and variety.

Moreover, this food comes with a high content of vitamin D, thiamin, niacin, vitaminB6, copper and many others.


Who knew, that the food of love and romance will also be food for healthy living. Yes, the sweet tasting strawberries are low-calorie fruits.

In fresh form, a cup with 152g of strawberries contains only 50cal. It is also an excellent anti-inflammatory and immunity booster. It is one of the top 10 high antioxidant fruits.


Whether you need a main dish or a side dish, spinach is always an option for obvious reasons; taste, and health.

Spinach has a high amount of iron, calcium and several vitamins that keep the body healthy. On the plus side, it is also a low-calorie food (7cal/ 30g), so you can eat as much as you want without worrying about weight gains.


The green summer squash, Zucchini is an outstanding side dish and snack option.

The reasons are simple its high volume food with multiple benefits. For instance, it's easy to grow, cook, rich in vitamins and low in calories. An average cup of 124g of Zucchini posses just 18cal.

Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are known as a superfood due to their health benefits. The seeds absorb water up to 12 times their weight which makes them a great meal additive.

Considering that 28g of them contain 137cal with 4.4g proteins and 10.6g fibers, they are an outstanding food choice. It moves very slowly through your system so you won’t feel hungry for a long time.

Whole Green Beans

It seems like the green beans get far less credit in the health department than they deserve. After all, they are tasty, healthy, and are a low-calorie food product.

A cup of beans contains just 44cal, which is pretty much acceptable considering the high amount of minerals, vitamins, fibers, and proteins in it.

Grape Fruit

Grapefruit is potassium, vitamin, and fiber-rich food from the citrus fruit family.

This fruit is an ideal companion for yogurts, salads, and fish with just 52 cal per 123g of its weight. It is also a source of fibers that make it extremely stomach filling.


Tomatoes are a part of many dishes and also a popular choice for soups.

They're tasty and healthy at the same time. They're also low in calories with only 27cal per 149 g serving. It also has lycopene, which is known for preventing cancer, inflammation and heart diseases.


This vegetable is similar in texture to potatoes and is an additive for many soups and dishes. This lightly white root vegetable contains a high volume of Glucosinolates that prevents cancer and provides anti-inflammatory benefits.

It is also one of the low most low-calorie foods with just 37cal in a serving of 130g.


You want a salad, smoothie or a vegan-dish; Kale is always an ideal choice. The green food comes with a lot of vitamins, calcium and other daily required nutrients. It is also a source of fibers and antioxidants.

All these benefits come with an addition of just 34cal per 67 g serving.

Bell pepper

Like all other pepper, bell pepper is also an excellent additive for rich flavor and texture.

Another reason why most people prefer it in their pasta, pizzas and other dishes is the capsaicin in it. This chemical helps to burn calories during digestion, in fact, more calories than the whole bell pepper offers, which is just, 30cal per 100g.


This little guy has made everyone cry at least once in their life. But you know it's worth it. They are amazing in flavor, crunch, nutrients and a helpful tool against diseases, including obesity.

Yes, it is low calorie. It contains only 44cal per 110g.


Cauliflower is commonly available with a white head, but some variant with purple and yellow heads are also available. One thing that remains common in these variants is their diseases fighting, and low calories feature. In raw form, it contains only 25 cal in 100g.


If you love non-vegetarian food, but don’t want extra calories, try Scallops.

The food contains just 26cal per serving and that too with added benefits of proteins, minerals, and vitamins. Just don't cook it with high-calorie constituents.


Did you know that popcorn is one of the healthiest foods?

Popcorn is the only 100% whole grain snack. No wonder that a regular 8g cup of plain air-popped popcorns contains about 1.2g of fibers and only 31cal.

It is also a source of polyphenols which eliminates free radicals that cause cancer, heart diseases, and other illnesses.


Final word

Though these foods cannot help you with the extra calories already being stored in your body, they can ensure that you don’t add more. Moreover, they are removing the barrier of variety and allowing you to eat as much as you want.

Eating them is like getting every nutrient without adding anything harmful to the body.

So don't think much and just add them your diet. You will surely thank these foods.